Investment process

We select attractive assets on the Swiss real estate market and list them for investment on our crowdfunding platform. Our objective is to offer an investment solution starting as low as CHF 25'000.- with minimum net returns of 5% p.a.

Our added value is to gather all the necessary competences in order to give you direct access to real estate and to guarantee the best asset management for your investment.

Our financial partners, technical auditors, and legal advisers are experts in their respective areas. Through our investment solution, you become a co-owner benefiting from these services while having CrowdPark as sole contact party.

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1. Invest in Real Estate

Select the investment that best corresponds to your needs

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2. Collect Revenues

Receive quarterly returns from your investments

3. Sell your Share

Sell your investment on our marketplace

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1. Invest in Real Estate

Choose from our property selection the investment that best corresponds to your needs, based on financial criteria such as the yield, or on personal criteria, such as location. Transparency is one of our core values and we commit to providing you with all the relevant information, as well as, the criteria used in selecting each investment.

The full technical audit, asset evaluation executed by experts, the internal due diligence on which the investment committee based their assessment on, and selection of the investment are all fully disclosed to potential investors, including the finance structure and management frameworks.

To invest, you simply need to complete and sign the investment documentation and have your signature authenticated by a notary or other authorized institutions of your choice. You then become a co-owner of a yield bearing real estate investment once the notary will have processed the transaction.

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2. Receive incomes

Your crowdfunding investment is managed by our asset manager partners. You will receive a fraction of the property net rental revenues corresponding to your share. You have the possibility to monitor the performance of your investment in real time by consulting the relevant co-ownership account on your e-banking access. In addition, Crowdpark will provide you with a quarterly financial analysis. You will therefore have all the necessary information for management and understanding of your investment during the co-owners annual meeting. This tripartite organization ensures you with the best quality management of your asset.

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3. Sell your investment

The following options are available to sell your co-ownership :

  • At any time, you may sell your property share on our marketplace.
  • Should we receive a purchase proposition which exceeds 15% of the market value of a property, we will convene an extraordinary general meeting in order to determine if all co-owners agree to sell the property.
  • At maturity of the mortgage, a meeting will be convened. All Co-owners will then decide if they wish to extend their investment or collectively re-sell their property.

Co-ownership and Crowdpark interactions

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Direct Real Estate Investment starting at CHF 25'000.-

  • Search for high yielding properties
  • Due diligence process
  • Mortgage, evaluation and management partners selection
  • Establishment of legal Documentation
  • Financing facilitated through our crowdfunding platform
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Invest in concrete

  • Manage your investment
  • Collect quarterly revenues
  • Responsibility limited to your co-ownership share
  • Delegation of asset management
  • Tax-deductible mortgage interest
  • Sell on our Marketplace

How proposed properties are selected?

We carefully select attractive properties with stable and regular return. Each property presented on our platform successfully undergoes a thorough due diligence and analysis, and receives the validation of our investment committee.

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1. Reception of tenders

Our broker network brings us the most interesting market tenders.

2. Analysis

Offered properties are first analyzed by two independent experts, financially evaluated by ourselves, and then by our evaluation partner who also conducts a technical audit.

3. Investment committee approval

Based on reports and analysis results, our investment committee, represented by real estate experts, is required to unanimously approve the acquisition.

4. Reservation and presentation

Selected properties are secured by reservation agreements with sellers. The risks related to the initial reservation stage are taken in charge by the company. After selection by the financial partner and the asset manager, we list the proposed project on our platform.

Our selection criteria

Our selection criteria guaranties properties with the best quality and best value to our customers.

  • 1. Profitability 100% of projectsWe only select residential estate yielding a minimum of a 3.5% gross yield.
  • 2. Purchase Value 50%Our team, in collaboration with our external partners, ensures that the purchase price is in line with the current market prices.
  • 3. Rental incomes25% We favor stable rental incomes as well as those with growth potential. We test their resistance to unfavorable rental conditions.
  • 4. Risk mitigation5% We define the desired number of rental units per property according to the area vacancy rate, we favor larger cities, their bordering communes and the areas presenting strong potential demographic growth.

Estimated Return on Investment

5% to 9%

Estimated Return

5 to 15 years

Investment Maturity

CHF 64’000*

Estimated Earnings

*Calculations are based on a CHF 100’000 share with a 6.4% p.a. within a 10 year holding period.

Interested! How do I get started?

In order to subscribe to an investment, create a user account, either before or during the subscription request. Profile creation is fast, free and requires no initial commitment.

Registration on our platform will provide you with an access to all the relevant documentation on which Crowdpark based its investment decisions.

After selecting the desired property, you then define your subscription amount and click on “Request Investment Document”. Following this action, you will receive a contract confirmation by email along with a detailed information brochure.

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Immeuble résidentiel de rendement

Chemin des Buclines 20, 1224 Chêne_Bougeries

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Estimated Return on Investment 6.03 %

Proprety Value CHF 7'800'000.-

Investment Target CHF 4'561'771.-

Minimum Investment CHF 25'000.-

Mortgage Term 7 years

Invest and Become Co-Owner
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Promotion à Chêne-Bougeries, GE

20 Chemin des Buclines

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Proprety Value CHF 2'500'000.-

Investment Target CHF 1'600'000.-

Minimum Investment CHF 400'000.-

Invest and Become an Owner